There will be two Wreath Ceremonies on Monday January 22nd at Batley Cemetery, they will be for Private Horace Rhodes and Rifleman Albert Edward Barber. Please meet in the chapel at 10:30am for an 11:00 am service.


January 4th 2018

The Team would like to wish all BUGLE followers a happy, healthy and trouble free 2018. We, we know that the Great War would end in another eleven months – but those living the experience had no reason to feel optimistic.

This month’s Newsletter very vividly tells of the thinking of that time, in January 1918, under the leading article ‘THE UNKNOWN FUTURE’.

It starts  ….. “The events and experiences of the past three years have cured most people who indulged in the propensity to prophesy about the end of the war. The beginning of another year finds us in a more resolute mood than in any previous year of the war.”

And ends … “So far as we can see, the year that is before us will involve greater difficulties and heavier burdens than we have hitherto had to bear”.

It is poignant to record that whilst in the life of Project BUGLE – so far – we have remembered over 500 men from Batley and Birstall lost to the conflict – but there will be nearly 350 more men who died from January 1st 1918 through to the end. For many many people the impact of the war had yet to reach them.

For January 2018  – – – we have released the Project BUGLE Newsletter and this month’s Poppy List. The exhibitions in both Batley and Birstall Libraries reflect the happenings of the new month.


Additionally, we have published, and placed on the website (LATEST RELEASES), the shorter version of the Soldier’s Story for ..

  • Jan  2        Private. Donald James WATSON
  • Jan  9        Naval Engineer John ROBINSON
  • Jan 22       Rifleman Albert Edward BARBER
  • Jan 31       Able Seaman Farrar HILL

Wreath Ceremonies

 It was regrettable that we couldn’t hold the planned Ceremony for Pte. Rhodes on December 30th. However, earlier this week, we placed the Wreath and the BUGLE Marker on his grave and we will tell his story and complete the Ceremony at the next Wreath  Ceremony.

Therefore on Monday January 22nd we will meet at the Chapel in Batley Cemetery at 10.30 for an 11.00am service with Wreath Ceremonies for …..

Private. Horace RHODES of the Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry,


Rifleman Albert Edward BARBER of the Royal Irish Rifles

All are welcome and teas and coffees will be available both before and after the proceedings.

For the Project BUGLE TEAM.